ISO-Focus Freefall

By: Marc

Nov 15 2009

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Category: Shinjuku, Tokyo, Uncategorized

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Focal Length:18.9mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

Warning: Geeky Post

All of the  pictures on this blog have so far been taken with a FujifilmA100. I really like it because it’s cheap, completely silent and discreet so I can take pictures of almost anything. It takes regular AA batteries so if my Eneloops run out I can grab some ordinary batteries.

That said, it has quite some blur when you have the ISO set wrong in manual mode and the reason is that if the ISO is set inappropriately it is too hard for the camera to find the focus so it just goes into freefall. This is a set of quite nice lanterns in a Shinjuku Chinese restaurant. For what it’s worth, I prefer this shot to the one I took after where I managed to get everything in focus. This was set at 400 ISO but zoomed in and hand held.


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