Sunset in Kawagoe Station, shot with my Vivitar Ultra Wide & Slim and Centuria 200 ISO film.

Went to a few photography galleries today after work, including:

Totem Pole Gallery: Hiroyuki Kishiyama – “Take Me Somewhere Nice”. He is a really nice guy and we chatted for ages in my broken Japanese and his excellent, kind Japanese.

Place M: Chicako Yamashita – “Shimmering” and Hitoshi Tsuda – “Ms Rosa Forty Years”


3 comments on “Shiny”

  1. Cheers on the nice pics Marc, been to that station myself, can be quite beautiful. Next time get a snap of the gorgeous fountain. Keep on rockin in the free world. 🙂

  2. Cheers, Ben. Checking your blog now.

  3. […] Here are my favourite posts from 2009. 1. They Love A Bit Of It 2. Shiny 3. Autumn Officially 4. The Waiting Game 5. Reiteration 6. Airship 7. Reluctance 8. Big Wheel 9. […]

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