Pan Sunset + Idea: The Swap

By: Marc

Aug 24 2010

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Category: Film, Sangenjaya, Setagaya, Smena 8M, Tokyo

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Shutter:1/11 sec

Shot on Rollei Pan 25 (expired Jan 2010), in Smena 8M. August 2010.


Idea: The Swap

I propose that I will choose one person to exchange a notebook with. The notebook will contain photographs shot during the month of September 2010 on film, which may be black and white, colour negative or cross processed slide or all three. I will write things in the notebook. Neither you, nor I, know what you will be getting. You will also receive digital scans of the images to use on your website. I retain copyright but you have unlimited license to use the images I send you.

To get this notebook with pictures and writing:
Please tell me what you can give me in return. It doesn’t have to be big. It doesn’t have to be expensive. It should be something that you can provide. It should be something you can provide by the end of October 2010. It should not be money. You should email your idea to me: marc [at] un [minus] understand [full stop] co [decimal point] uk, before 30th September 2010. If nobody emails me, I will cry and not send a notebook to anybody.

This offer is open to:
Anybody outside Japan (there’s something else I’m planning for Japanese people). Anybody over 18 (so I can’t be accused of corrupting young minds). Men and women.


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